Friday, July 16, 2010

2010 Food Goals

(image by danielflower)
Food Goal #1 - Make Julia Child's Beef Bourgignon
I'm sure many of you have seen the movie Julie & Julia, starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. One of the challenges Julie faces while attempting to make every recipe in Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking is beef bourgignon. I'm not a big fan of beef but it seems like a fun challenge, especially after watching what happened in the movie!

Food Goal #2 - Make Borscht
It's one of those things I've always wanted to try, and as of this week I can check this off my list! I'm not a fan of cold soups so I served it hot, and actually really enjoyed it. Recipe to come soon.

Food Goal #3 - Find an easy and delicious smoothie recipe
I love the idea of smoothies - fresh fruit, yogurt, maybe some honey or ice - but have yet to find a recipe that feels easy. Part of it is that I'd like to use ingredients I normally keep around. No weird protein powders for me. Perhaps I just haven't looked hard enough?
Food Goal #4 - Make my own yogurt
My friend Jen posted a recipe for homemade yogurt back in January and I have been waiting for some time to really try it out. I think August will be that time!

Food Goal #5 - Find local sources for beef, chicken, eggs, and cheese
After seeing the documentary Food, Inc. and reading books like Animal, Vegetable Miracle (by Barbara Kingsolver) and Eating Animals (by Jonathan Safran Foer), I've been a lot more conscious about many of the ingredients I purchase for meals. Barbara Kingsolver's book was her record of their family's challenge to eat only locally produced foods for one year. For them, this included growing their own vegetables, raising their own turkeys, learning to make their own fresh mozzarella, or purchasing foods from sources within 100 miles. 

Beef and chicken - still working on these. Any suggestions?
Eggs - currently purchasing them from the local Mennonite farm stand on Route 7 in Bainbridge, NY. Not sure where I'll go when they close for the winter season.
Cheese - I believe the Masonville General Store in Masonville, NY carries cheeses made local to the area. I know for sure they carry locally made yogurt and fresh local vegetables. I will report back on my findings.

A great general source for locating products local to you is Local Harvest. Additionally, Kingsolver's site provides recipes for eating produce at its freshest - when they are in season.

What are some of your food goals or interests this year?


  1. I like your food goals. I don't have any but this makes me think that I should, so here goes:
    Eating local is a good goal, for sure. I also want to get back to growing more of my own vegetables and herbs. And I want to learn how to make a good Ropa Veija (Cuban Style Pot Roast). I should get back to baking bread, too, which I once did much more often. I think the Handsome Husband needs to ooh and ahh more when I do. That might inspire me. Now if I made him steak and kidney pie - THAT would get noticed. Happy cooking and crafting, AE!

  2. ooh i remember one time having beet borscht in VT, and it was awesome because 1. it was delicious and 2. it was BRIGHT PURPLE. ;)
    I *always* have frozen fruit (usually blueberries and strawberries) around, so that way i always have smoothie ingredients. I use plain yogurt, frozen fruit, ice, a splash of oj, and sometimes a splash of milk if it's super thick.

  3. Do you have community supported agriculture programs near you? We are doing a summer CSA, where you pay a "share" (the one we chose works out to about $40/week but there are cheaper ones) and get a bunch of locally grown produce and in our case, other local products. We plan our meals around what we get in our share each week, with some supplemental grocery shopping for the odd ingredient and whatnot. Our program offers a meat share, if you're into that, too. It's all locally-raised and grass-fed, and if I ate meat that's what I'd probably do if it was affordable.

  4. @Sarah - I was encouraged by a few people to visit our farmers' market (on Tuesdays, so I haven't been able to attend all school year) to locate a resource for local meat. Since I'm away I did a quick google search for CSA's near Oneonta which eventually led me to a place called Wild Acorn Farm, who are involved in a meat CSA. I am definitely going to give them a call! Thanks for the encouragement.

  5. I'm a big fan of pb banana smoothies - ingredients are pb, banana, milk, and ice. Easy to make, healthy, and delicious!